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The Career Consultant

Professional Learning and Workplace Training

How to live a life you love by loving the career you chose!

How to choose the Career that is right for you!


Develop strong relationships within your workplace.

Communicate effectively within the workplace and to your clients.

Have reliable and productive teams.

Discover the benefits of a positive workplace culture.

Learn how to employ a dynamic team and workforce.

Discover the careers you are most suited to.

Understand your decision-making style & why you make the decisions that you do.



Professional Learning and Workplace Training – tailored to your individual business needs and delivered within your own workplace or at a convenient location near you.


  • Want a workplace that is buzzing with happy, engaged, loyal, productive, reliable & industrious staff?
  • Desire business success, growth and performance?
  • Then it’s all about the PEOPLE within your business and KNOWING & understanding your clients.
  • Advanced Professional Learning and Workplace Training uses a variety of tools and techniques that guides you to achieving results you never thought possible. It can be delivered to the entire workplace, teams within the business, pairs or individual employees.

Choose the Career that is RIGHT for you – Live a Life you Love by Loving the Career You Chose!


  • Are you bamboozled by what career to choose?
  • Unsure of your suitability to various careers?
  • Stuck at the career cross-roads and need a change but don’t know what to do?
  • Not excited, challenged or stimulated by your career anymore?
  • I have advanced Professional Learning and Mentoring Tools to solve all of these career issues. Whether it’s E-DISC Profiling, HBDI Profiling, mentoring, completing a program or all of the above – I can help you!

The Career Consultant

Professional Learning with a focus on the Workplace and Careers


Are bamboozled by what career to choose?


Unsure of your suitability to various careers?

In a career that doesn’t excite you anymore and dreaming about change?

Then these 7 simple steps are for you.


Loving your job and career

Wanting to turn up every day with enthusiasm and passion

Enjoying your work tasks and being a valuable contributor

Having strong work relationships

Benefitting from effective communication in the workplace

Contributing to a healthy culture in your workplace

The feeling of achieving a work / life balance


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How to find a Career you will LOVE in 7 easy steps!

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Whole Brain Thinking

As a Herrmann International Certified Practitioner, I am qualified to profile individuals, teams and workplaces to identify thinking preferences using the world renowned HBDI Profiling Tool. Over two-million people worldwide have undergone HBDI analysis. It is used by over one third of all Fortune 100 companies.

The HDBI Tool is the world’s leading thinking styles assessment tool and it identifies your preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking. Thinking preferences have an impact on virtually everything we do, including communication, decision making, problem solving and management styles. Understanding your thinking style preferences will give you a new perspective of yourself and people you deal with every day.

E-Disc Profiling

Want to know why you do what you do? Or why you don’t do what you know you should do? Learn all about your behavior choices and the 4 Energy Types by participating in E-DISC Profiling and Training Programs.

Find out;

  • Your strengths, Stretches, Motivators and Triggers
  • Your personality characteristics & why you are drawn to some people and frustrated by others
  • Your key drivers, core needs and preferred communication style
  • How you make decisions

Professional Learning

Choose from a large range of Professional Development & Training Workshops. All available to individuals, groups, teams and whole workplaces. All available as 1-2 hour workshops, half day workshops, full day workshops or on-going professional development packages. 

Topics Available
.       6 Core Needs
.       Above the Line Thinking – The Solution to everything is in your THINKING
.       Energy Typing – Learn about the 4 energy types & the influence of energy types on our behaviour, actions & communication
.       SMART Goal Setting
.       Whole Brain Thinking Model – Learn the 4 Thinking Styles we each have access to & Learn how to think using whole brain thinking techniques
.       Discover Your Ideal Self
.       Overcoming Fear and Embracing Uncertainty
.       Belief and Values Hunting
.       Procrastination and Time Management
.       Building Rapport in the Workplace
.       Effective Communication Techniques
.       Wheel of Life

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Lou Campbell – The Career Consultant

An educator, workplace trainer, facilitator and Professional Learning Consultant who is passionate about working with people, building teams, growing strong relationships and promoting positive workplace culture.

Lou is a teacher and mentor with over 20 years of experience in public and private education who is now continuing to inspire people to live empowered, balanced and successful lives.

She believes that Mentoring, Professional Learning and Whole Brain Thinking are a way forward. They open the door to endless opportunities and the ability to turn your dreams, into goals and into reality.

She is enthusiastic about education, learning and growing our self-awareness. She promotes well-being and considers confidence, motivation and self-belief to be attributes required to conquer all that you wish for in life.

Lou inspires people to understand and know what they want and empowers them with skills and strategies to achieve this.

She is motivated by personal growth and happiness and has the tools and experiences to guide, mentor and teach people how to live the life they love and love the career and workplace that they have chosen or about to choose.

It’s all about people! Effective Communication and Strong Relationships drive Business Success. If the people in a workplace and business feel valued, secure and important – then you will have the right team, a positive culture, increased productivity and ultimately SUCCESS in all areas if your business.

I have always felt that I was somewhat ‘stuck in neutral’ knowing that I was happy with my life but knowing there must be something more to it. I went into the sessions with Lou not knowing what to expect. This in itself was a huge step for me as I like predictability and certainty. After the one-on-one sessions with Lou I have walked away feeling excited with the motivation and positivity to look at life in a whole new light.  Lou’s gentle guidance and sensitivity to my needs has made me so much more aware of myself and also given me a step up with understanding the people around me.

Lou’s energy and enthusiasm has made the time I spent with her invaluable. Thank you for everything and I am really looking forward to many more sessions.

Samantha Sorensen

I first attended a Women’s group meeting where Lou was one of the presenters. She Spoke about the “6 Core Needs”, this really struck a chord with me. From there we did some, one on one, face to face consultations, before finally deciding on telephone sessions. I really appreciate Lou’s flexibility to do this type of consultation, I live out of town, so it is convenient and I feel more relaxed and focused. Lou is very good at keeping me on task whilst gently guiding the questions to get the answers from within me. Sometimes what comes out can be quite daunting and confronting, but I am learning so much in our sessions. I am amazed at how Lou can learn so much about me and then turn it into something helpful that I can work with. She treats me with great kindness, care, patience and professionalism. I am enjoying the journey we’ve started.

Kerry Nevinson

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Personal coaching is about becoming all that you are meant to be.

For me, this is about living a life of passion, true purpose, and inspiration for others. Lou Campbell has helped me find my values, my goals and has given me the courage to take action. Her coaching skill has simplified the process of facing the fears that have hindered me so much in the past. Lou has helped create the space for me to think and act optimistically and productively. Lou helps you find the mindset and gives you some really practical easy every day tools to start seeing immediate personal reward. Her support, encouragement, and dedication to the coaching process is second to none.


Mandy Watson

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