We had a short session with Lou at our workplace about the way we think and act in certain situations. It was a great session and I think everyone got something different out of it. For me I found that Lou’s way of thinking about failure as a lesson rather than a ‘failure’ really hit a cord.  Failure can be scary and can make it hard to try new things, but by thinking of it as a lesson, then it is much easier to be able to take a step back and learn from it, rather than beat yourself up about it. This is far more productive and much better in the long run.

Dr Meagan Lee BVSc (Hons)

Lou was very passionate about her subject and that enthusiasm transferred to our Educators.  Many came away inspired and ready to put dreams into actions or at the very least stop procrastinating and make plans to manage their time more effectively. This of course benefits both their private and professional lives.  As Educational Leader for our Scheme, Lou’s presentation assisted me to refine our self-assessment process and goal setting to support the Educators in their reflective practice, as per the National Quality Standards.  Thanks Lou, we look forward to working with you in the future.

Helen Walker

Child Development Coordinator/ Educational Leader

The training session I attended covered a number of topics including SMART goal setting. SMART goals when explained to me by Lou made perfect sense and became very easy to set and stick to. I am now able to confidently set myself clear, achievable goals in relation to all aspects of my personal and professional life. Lou is an enthusiastic, engaging presenter who has a contagious passion for the knowledge and skills she is sharing. I would recommend Lou with her happiness toolbox to anyone and everyone from stay at home parents to small business owners to large corporations.

Cas Tidey

Educator , Educator Western Riverina Family Day Care Scheme Inc

With Lou Campbell’s expertise we have been able to support our students, staff and home supervisors at our Distance Education School, ensuring we are giving our students the best opportunity to learn and grow. Lou has provided face-to-face professional learning in small and large group sessions to students in Kinder to Year 6. Predominately we have explored SMART Goal Setting, in which students are involved in setting and achieving their own SMART Goals during manageable ‘chunks’ in the year. This has given students great opportunities to learn new skills, be responsible and given them more opportunity to be independent learners. Lou’s presentation skills are very engaging. She is informed and knows her content very well. She makes you feel at ease with content that can sometimes challenge your thinking and beliefs. The fact that Lou is a practicing teacher ensures that she is in touch with what is happening in schools, but also shows her ability to work with children, groups of adults and across the community. I highly recommend Lou Campbell’s services for life coaching in supporting schools and organisations to grow together.


Samantha Davies

Distance Education Centre